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Monthly Archives: April 2021


4 Quick Facts To Know About Florida Bid Protests

By Linkhorst & Hockin, P.A. |

Any time you are working on a construction project involving a federal, state, or local government body, you will need to go through the bid solicitation process under Florida law. The requirement aims to provide all potential companies with an opportunity to win a contract, while also ensuring the government gets the best quality… Read More »

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Surety Bonds in Florida Construction Projects

By Linkhorst & Hockin, P.A. |

Regardless of your role in the Florida construction industry, it is a given that you will need to deal with surety bonds on an almost-daily basis. A bond is required by Florida’s Little Miller Act any time you are working on a public project in excess of $200,000, and it may be a condition… Read More »

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3 Florida Construction Defect Laws Contractors Need to Know

By Linkhorst & Hockin, P.A. |

As a Florida contractor, your vast knowledge in the construction industry covers materials, labor, equipment, and many other details necessary to successfully complete the project. However, you may be somewhat lacking in the minute details contained in Florida’s construction defects statute, associated regulations, and procedural rules – and this is understandable. Given all the… Read More »

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