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Florida Defective Construction Claim Lawyer

Parties who enter into an agreement for a construction project normally do not intend for the project to fail or for the finished product to be sub-standard or unsafe. Unfortunately, however, construction projects often encounter unforeseen challenges that can lead to allegations of construction defects. At Linkhorst Law Firm, P.A., our Florida defective construction lawyers represent contractors, subcontractors, and homeowners in construction defect disputes relating to the quality of construction and construction contract warranty claims. We also counsel both plaintiffs and defendants regarding the applicability of and compliance with Florida law, which requires certain notices to be furnished as preconditions to the institution of lawsuits over defective construction.

Representation in Florida Construction Defect Disputes

Construction defects are conditions in a finished construction project that reduce the project’s overall value. Some construction defects are obvious (patent defects), but many are not so obvious and oftentimes do not become apparent until years after the construction project was completed (latent defects). Construction defects can arise from a variety of factors and variables, such as design deficiencies, product or material insufficiencies, construction process failures, and operation and maintenance issues. Some of the most common defective construction claims involve:

  • Roof leaks
  • Window leaks
  • Sliding glass door and French door leaks
  • Shower enclosure leaks
  • Concrete cracking
  • Stucco cracking and shrinkage
  • Drywall cracking
  • Mold
  • Moisture through floors
  • Ponding of water on balconies and decks
  • Structural issues
  • Soil settlement and drainage issues
  • Fit and finish issues, such as cabinetry, tile, and paint

While there are no doubt legitimate construction defect claims, many claims are unwarranted by the facts and are unfortunately made in hopes of an easy settlement. When representing contractors and subcontractors in a construction defect dispute, we aggressively protect our client’s rights and reputation, while seeking the most cost-effective resolution. Our attorneys also advise clients on strategies for reducing legal exposure to such claims, whether at the time contracts are drafted and negotiated, at the time of bid, when insurance coverage is obtained, or during and after construction. When representing homeowners and condominium owners, we use our comprehensive knowledge of construction defect law to obtain a fair resolution that covers the full scope of our client’s losses.

Ensuring Compliance with Florida Statute Chapter 558

Under Florida Statute Chapter 558, prior to filing a lawsuit for claims arising out of an alleged construction defect, a property owner must serve a Notice of Claim to the contractor, subcontractor, supplier, or design professional the owner asserts is responsible for the defect, and provide an opportunity to resolve the claim. Attorneys who do not exclusively practice construction law may not be familiar with the requirements of this law and others affecting construction defect litigation. With Linkhorst Law Firm, P.A., you can be sure your defective construction issue is handled correctly from every angle and at every stage.

Talk to an Experienced Florida Construction Defect Lawyer Today

If you or your company is facing construction defect litigation, please contact Linkhorst Law Firm, P.A. to schedule a consultation. The sooner we get started the better, so do not hesitate to give us a call. Our firm represents clients throughout Florida, concentrating on the Atlantic Coast from Vero Beach to the Florida Keys.

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