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Florida Design Professional Liability Lawyer

Effective Representation in Construction Disputes involving Design Professional Liability & Defective Design Documents

Linkhorst Law Firm, P.A. regularly represents owners and contractors in disputes with construction design professionals, namely architects and engineers. As experienced Florida construction lawyers, we understand how frustrating and detrimental a design-related mistake or oversight can be to a construction project. We’ve seen it, we know it—defective design documents can cause delays, drive up costs, and leave many parties in the lurch. Our firm helps owners and contractors hold design professionals responsible for errors and recover the costs associated with design defects.

Helping Owners & Florida Contractors Recover for Design Defects

Defective design claims arise when a design professional’s work falls below the standard of care for their discipline and warrants the assertion of a professional malpractice claim to cover the cost of damages suffered by the owner and contractors on a construction project. In a typical construction project situation, an owner first contracts with a design professional—either an architect or an engineer—and the design professional prepares a complete set of construction documents. Prospective general contractors then use these documents to submit their bids. The owner awards the project to the contractor with the best bid, and the general contractor, in turn, hires various subcontractors and suppliers to complete the project.

All this activity is set in motion by the design professional’s documents, with all these individuals and entities relying on the design professional’s work and expertise to do their jobs. When the design documents contain an error or oversight, everyone up and down the chain can be affected. Our attorneys can help you determine if a design mistake amounts to professional malpractice, and what action you can take to remedy the situation. A design professional liability claim may involve:

  • Inadequate structural design
  • Insufficient reinforcement at corners and openings
  • Inadequate provision for plumbing
  • Inadequate provision for drainage
  • Inadequately designed expansion joints
  • Incompatibility of materials
  • Inadequate provision for stress on piers and columns
  • Inadequate spacing in slabs

The consequences of a design error on a construction project are generally serious and highly detrimental. A defective design document can negatively affect cost, scheduling, and safety performance. If your project, or ability to work on a project, has been harmed by a design error, Linkhorst Law Firm, P.A. can help you recover the cost of your damages.

Our Florida Construction Lawyers Can Help if Your Project has Suffered from a Design Defect

If defective design documents have delayed or harmed your construction project, we can help you determine if you have a valid design professional liability claim against the architect or engineer who is responsible for the mistake. Give Linkhorst Law Firm, P.A. a call today to discuss the facts of your situation, and put your problem in capable hands. Our firm is among the best construction law practices in Palm Beach County and all of South Florida.

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