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Biggest Issues for Florida Contractors


Being a general contractor is not an easy task. Managing a construction project can be a real headache. There are so many elements to coordinate. You have to rely on various subcontractors to help you get your project in order. You have to deal with clients who may be difficult to work with. You have to ensure materials get delivered on time.

Florida contractors face a lot of issues that can lead to delays, legal issues, and more. Here are some of the biggest problems they face.

Lack of Communication

When things go wrong on a project, it’s often because of a communication issue. Technology is the answer. Since two-thirds of Americans own smartphones, your best bet is to use email, text, and construction technology apps on a project to ensure information gets to everyone in real time.


Scheduling can be tricky, but construction technology is providing a solution for this common problem. You can use project management apps to visually map out a project timeline. Many apps allow for a virtual board that allows you to easily see what needs to be completed.

Lack of Skilled Workers

In the construction industry, there are not enough skilled workers to fill a growing demand. The younger generation is being pushed toward college, so there are no new workers to replace the  existing workforce that is closing in on retirement. To remedy this situation, construction staffing agencies can have skilled workers ready to work for you when you need them.

Unreliable Subcontractors

Many contractors have problems finding reliable subs for their jobs. A good way to find someone is to check with the materials suppliers and vendors that you work with regularly. They will often have great recommendations for a sub. You can also ask other subcontractors that you have worked with in the past as well. Just make sure to check a sub’s licenses and ensure they have the appropriate insurance.

Available Cash

You have payments due to employees, subcontractors, vendors, materials suppliers, and others, but may not get paid until the project is complete. This is a major problem unless you have enough available cash flow. A good remedy is to have an open business line of credit to see you through the tough spots.

High Costs of Insurance

Contractor insurance is part of the cost of doing business, but you can avoid overpaying. You can get lower rates on your contractor insurance by not letting your coverage lapse, combining coverage, and reviewing your policies each year for changes.

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Construction projects are not easy to deal with. There are many elements involved and these factors can cause a lot of problems.

Dealing with construction issues that are leading to serious legal problems? Count on a Florida contractor representation lawyer from Linkhorst Law Firm, P.A. to help you with dispute resolution. We’ll help you understand your options. Schedule a consultation with our office today by calling 561-626-8880 or filling out the online form.



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