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Category Archives: Default Convenience Terminations


Important Facts About Construction Default Terminations In Florida

By Linkhorst & Hockin, P.A. |

Florida contractors know that there are special considerations anytime you are working with the government on a construction project, but there are still situations that can take you off-guard. Under the FAR Termination for Default, a public agency can exercise its right to terminate the contract in part or in full under certain circumstances…. Read More »

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Tips For Florida Contractors When Facing Default Termination Allegations

By Linkhorst & Hockin, P.A. |

Claims for default termination are probably one of the worst-case scenarios you may face as a Florida contractor, but there is a good chance that you will encounter disputes at some point. Because of the harsh consequences of canceling, Florida construction laws and most contracts include provisions on notice and opportunity to cure. This… Read More »

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Getting Paid After A Convenience Termination

By Linkhorst & Hockin, P.A. |

They may not seem fair, but termination for convenience clauses are a part of life for Florida construction contractors. You will certainly see the familiar language when working on certain public projects, which are governed by US government acquisition regulations: The contracting official may terminate performance of a construction contract, in whole or in… Read More »

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