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Category Archives: Bond Claims


Fraud In Notice Of Nonpayment Under Florida’s Construction Bond Laws

By Linkhorst & Hockin, P.A. |

Individuals and companies in the Florida construction industry recall the sweeping changes to payment bond claim requirements two years ago, when lawmakers enacted new Notice of Nonpayment requirements for contractors. Since the amendments became effective October 2019, you are probably well-aware that you must use the statutory form and include additional information as compared… Read More »

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Surety Bonds in Florida Construction Projects

By Linkhorst & Hockin, P.A. |

Regardless of your role in the Florida construction industry, it is a given that you will need to deal with surety bonds on an almost-daily basis. A bond is required by Florida’s Little Miller Act any time you are working on a public project in excess of $200,000, and it may be a condition… Read More »

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What are the Legal Rights of a Project Owner or Surety in the Event of a Construction Default?

By Linkhorst & Hockin, P.A. |

Surety bonds play an essential role in Florida construction projects. The surety guarantees the performance of a general contractor in completing a project under the terms of its contract with the owner. In the event of default, the owner can terminate the contract and demand satisfaction from the surety. Court: Surety Allowed to Retain… Read More »

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