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How Women Are Changing the Construction Industry


The construction industry has changed a lot in the past few years. One major change has been the addition of women in the workforce. This has been a huge step towards progress but it has also created a huge number of challenges.

Having women join the male-dominated field has been a godsend. The construction industry has faced labor shortages over the last decade. Younger adults are not entering the industry as much as they used to, focusing instead on computer-based jobs. To combat this shortage, construction businesses have turned their focus on attracting women to the industry. Since 2014, women have been entering the construction trades at steady rates. The number of women-owned construction businesses has also grown significantly.

As of 2023, the construction industry employs 10,755,099 people, according to statistics. Close to 14% of the 1.5 million construction workers are women. This number continues to increase as 25% of older construction workers are retiring.

While having more women in the workforce is good news for the construction industry, there are many challenges that need to be addressed. They include the following:

  • Safety concerns. One of the primary challenges is the lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) designed for women. When it is available, women are not always adequately trained on equipment operations.
  • Gender bias and harassment. Women often encounter gender bias and discrimination, ranging from doubts about their capabilities to outright harassment. This can cause them to leave the industry.
  • Work-life balance. The demanding schedules and the physical nature of construction work can pose challenges for work-life balance, since women tend to shoulder a disproportionate share of household work.
  • Workplace culture. Culture on and off the field poses a more significant challenge than even the physical dangers of construction. More than 40% of women in construction experienced harassment over a year. This harassment can manifest in various ways and many women hesitate to report such behavior.

To create a more inclusive and supportive environment for women, there needs to be a comprehensive approach. This may involve technological integration, such as using wearable devices to enhance safety on construction sites. In addition, the use of certain apps can provide a platform for anonymously reporting safety concerns or harassment.

Industry collaboration is also key.  Partnerships between construction firms, technology companies and educational institutions can help develop more ergonomic tools and machinery suited for women. These collaborative efforts can also provide women with the education and training necessary to thrive in the construction industry.

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Having women in the construction industry is considered immense progress in a field dominated by men. However, there are challenges involved when it comes to safety and work duties.

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