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Plumbing Defects in New Construction


Nothing can ruin a new home or other building quite like a defect. Plumbing defects can be frustrating to deal with. When moisture seeps through, it can cause significant damage to a building.

When a plumbing defect occurs, you may have questions. What do you do? How do you handle the situation? Who is to blame?

A defect can fall into one of several categories: construction defects, design defects, or manufacturing defects. It can be stressful to learn that your construction project may have defects. Once you acknowledge that you have a problem, you need to document the facts, and communicate about it. Determining the root cause of your defect will help you work toward a fix by determining who is responsible for repairs.

Construction Defects 

Examples of construction defects include:

  • Poorly installed system components such as pipe hangers, fittings, and fixtures.
  • Components that are improperly connected.
  • The use of incorrect or incompatible materials

Design Defects

Examples of design defects include:

  • Products that are specified incorrectly for their operating condition
  • Undersized piping per current building codes
  • Expansion loops, suds relief, backflow preventers, and other system components are omitted from the design.

Manufacturing Defects

A plumbing defect may be caused by poor manufacturing. Common issues may include:

  • Contaminants within the piping material.
  • Materials that are manufactured outside of acceptable limits.
  • Material that was not properly tested for all scenarios

Seeking Solutions

To understand what types of defects you are dealing with, contact a forensic engineer. They will come to the jobsite, assess the situation, obtain and analyze samples, look at how the building was designed and engineered, and determine the cause.

Once you identify the type of defect and who’s involved, you can work toward a solution. You may need to contact the contractor, the designer, or the manufacturer.

You have other options as well. They include:

  • Legal counsel. Getting an attorney can move things in your favor. You or your attorney could conduct research to see if others have had similar problems. This can help determine if a class action case is warranted.
  • Insurance settlement. Defect cases rarely go to court because they are usually settled by insurance companies. Contact your insurance company for advice.
  • Both the manufacturer and the installer should have provided warranties for their products and workmanship. Consult the warranty to understand your legal rights.

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Plumbing defects can cause a lot of problems in a home, whether it is new construction or an older build. A defect can result in leaks, flooding, and more.

A plumbing issue could be a construction, design, or manufacturing defect. As a contractor, you could be held liable. Seek legal help from the Florida defective construction claim lawyers from Linkhorst Law Firm. We will be sure your defective construction issue is handled correctly from every angle and at every stage. Call 561-626-8880 or fill out the online form to schedule a consultation.



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