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Why You Need Legal Review For Florida Construction Contracts


Florida construction contractors are busy these days, but the data reveals that growth trends are likely to continue and even increase. Statistics on construction in Florida show that revenue in this market sector is projected to hit $87.32 billion in 2023. Going forward, industry experts forecast an annual growth rate of 3.47 percent in the coming years. These figures include all general construction projects, as well as new buildings and civil engineering developments. They also comprise both new construction and additions and renovations of existing buildings and structures.

With business booming for many contractors, there will be many documents crossing your desk as you keep up with current projects and pursue new opportunities. You certainly have significant skills and expertise in construction, but some of this paperwork is best left to legal professionals. A Florida construction contracts lawyer has specific knowledge of the legal details and experience with these agreements, so you can feel confident that your interests are protected. It is also helpful to review some specific reasons to have an attorney review construction contracts.

 Understand Your Risk: Construction projects are frequently affected by unforeseen events and circumstances, and your agreement should address what happens when circumstances affect completion of the project. Risk is a product of uncertainty, and the parties should manage the unknown as much as possible through their agreement – instead of waiting for something to happen. A lawyer will advise you on including contractual provisions on:

  • Weather;
  • Errors in scheduling;
  • Labor strikes or disagreements;
  • Construction defects;
  • Defects in the project specifications; and,
  • Many other sources of risk. 

Recognize the Impact of Changes and Schedules: The original construction contract will include the scope of work, which is agreed to by the parties before the project begins. As activities proceed, someone – perhaps the owner or a contractor – could determine that a change is necessary to accommodate new developments. Your construction contract must address how change orders are handled, since these are bi-lateral modifications and both parties must consent.

Avoid Disputes Over Details: If you do not have a legal background, you may not appreciate the importance of attention to detail in a construction contract. The agreement should cover every task, materials, and activities that occur from start to finish. It should incorporate all design plans and specifications, as well as the specifics about the construction schedule.

 Options for Construction Defects: There is a comprehensive, complex set of laws that apply to Florida construction contracts, so you must be aware of the relationship between the written agreement and the statutes. A lawyer can explain the provisions that are required by law to be included, such as a statement about claims for construction defects: These are subject to the notice and cure provisions allowing the contractor to remedy problems.

Trust Our Palm Beach County Construction Attorneys for Contract Review

These are important reasons to get legal help with assessing construction contracts, and Linkhorst Law Firm, P.A. is ready to advise you on the details. For more information, please call 561-626-8880 or go online to set up a consultation at our offices in Palm Beach County.

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